Overall System Structure of QC & SPC

Purpose of system introduction

» Our system is log data from the any measurement equipments on real-time, and will realize the performance up below.

  1. Centralize the inspection data.
  2. Simplify your operator inspection and work, result the labor saving.
  3. Improve the integrity and reliability, traceability for data management.
  4. Convert to stratified data from your needed data and evaluate.
  5. Monitoring quality by auto-alarm using SPC approach.
Writing to managing sheet measurement value and lot number
Inputing to database the managing sheet contents
Managing on Excel the enormous quantity data
Issue >> (Miss occur) (No real-time) (Poor is trend analysis)
Measuring (Inputable with barcode)
Storing to SQL Server the measured value
Sending alarm using SPC approach

Example of System Configuration

» We introduce the example of system configuration for QC &SPC System.

Connectable Measurement Equipments

» We introduce to QC & SPC System the connectable Measurement Equipments.
※ The product images and photos of Measurement Equipments is quoted each maker's website

Name Example Products
Vernier Caliper Vernier Caliper
Digital Dial Gauge Digital Dial Gauge
Micrometer Micrometer
Height Gauge Height Gauge
Three-point Internal Gauge Three-point Internal Gauge

We are supported the other measurement equipments of the adove table.

Example of using Tablet

» QC & SPC System is able to using with Tablet for Windows.